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“I was looking for help dealing with nerve pain when a coworker recommended Stephanie. Through her genuinely talented and caring approach I have been better able to cope with the discomfort of nerve pain. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Jo-Anne Lancaster, Kamloops, BC 

“I highly recommend Stephanie! She is wonderful with children. I wanted to teach my daughter about the importance of self-care and relaxation.

The visits with Stephanie have been so calming and rejuvenating. We both enjoy the mother daughter time. Try Reflexology if haven’t before you won’t regret it.”

Natalie Ramsay, Kamloops, BC


“I looked to Stephanie at Kamloops Reflexology to help with PTSD symptoms. I felt positive results to my nervous system after the first visit and continue to heal and grow stronger at a remarkable rate after only 3 sessions. I am amazed how quickly I saw improvements in my anxiety, energy and sleep disturbances. Stephanie exudes warmth and calmness, provides a soothing safe space and makes each experience feel special and unique. She truly cares about her clients.”

Deb Koopman RPN, Kamloops, BC


“I had a positive first experience with reflexology many years ago on the island. I have been wanting to find a reflexologist in Kamloops, but did not know who/where to go. I was so happy to find Stephanie. I leave feeling very relaxed and more recently noticed that my neck and should muscles are not as tense. Her treatment room is very comfortable. I never feel rushed. Stephanie is a very professional, through and caring practitioner. I would highly recommend her.”

Jane Hyabuki, Kamloops, BC


“When Stephanie first arrived to Skeetchestn Indian Band for our workshop, many of the participants did not know what to expect. Luckily, her warm demeanor and friendly attitude engaged people almost immediately. The participants raved about the stress and pain relief they experienced, and were eager to learn more about reflexology. Requests continue to come in to bring Stephanie back and to look towards more holistic methods of pain reduction. Stephanie’s knowledge, excellent corporate pricing and passion for her field have made her someone we will definitely use in the future.”

Charlotte Singh, Skeetchestn Social Worker, Savona BC


“As the victim of a pretty serious car accident at the age of 30, I now am dealing with PTSD, serious anxiety and chronic pain. Finding a way to relax and heal is very difficult. I am disappointed that doctors don’t tell people about reflexology because I wish I had known about it sooner (3years ago). I have never felt so relaxed in my life by the end of my first session. Stephanie Uddin does magic with her hands.”

Amber Ouellet, Kamloops BC


“I am so happy to have met and been treated for my plantar fasciitis by Stephanie Uddin.  Anyone who has suffered from plantar fasciitis knows the intense pain it causes in the feet and I know from speaking with other sufferers that it can last for years and make walking so painful that it’s almost impossible.  Thankfully after only three sessions with Stephanie I feel like I have new feet.  The improvement started with the first treatment and continues at a truly astounding rate.  After several weeks of almost crippling pain, it is now virtually a non-issue.  I enjoy the treatment and Stephanie’s sensitivity so much that I will continue to see her for treatments on a regular basis.

Thank you, Stephanie, – your reflexology skills are responsible for the pain relief I am feeling.”

Susan Dale, Kamloops, BC


“I had my first session with Stephanie, she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed and it was a peaceful experience.

My job requires me to be on my feet all day; at the end of my shift my feet and legs are tired and sore.  Stephanie was able to find my problem spots while concentrating on these areas, relieving the knots and tension.  When I left, I felt like I was walking on air.

I would highly recommend her she is truly amazing and knowledgeable.  Stephanie has such passion for her work, her customers and it shows.  I would encourage everyone to try a session with Stephanie.”

Charlotte Valente, Kamloops, BC


“Foot reflexology gives me a greater sense of well-being, improves my energy and quality of life. I could feel the movement of chi flowing through my body during the treatment, it not only calmed my body but also helped clear my mind! :)”
Eva Su, Kamloops, BC.


“I have been going to Stephanie and Kamloops Reflexology for 5 months now.  I can not say enough about the quality of care I receive with Stephanie.  She is always accommodating with time and very professional with her treatments.  Her treatment room feels like you can relax and leave all your worries behind.  Her hands are true magic and they work wonders on my hard  working feet.  It is truly a treatment that needs to be experienced.”

April Mills


“My treatment with Stephanie was Pure Heaven.  In her capable hands I drifted off into the most relaxing reverie.  Thank you KAMLOOPS REFLEXOLOGY, I’ll be back !

Angie Edgson,  Kamloops, BC


“When I first came to Stephanie my feet were hurting so much in the morning I could hardly walk.  Her knowledge and palpation with her work quickly showed as in only a few sessions my pain had gone away.  She has worked with me to help me sleep, and decrease pain in my body overall.  I enjoy my sessions with Stephanie.  She has a welcoming, happy yet grounding demeanour that helps relaxation evolve during the treatment.  I would recommend a treatment from her to anyone!” 

Amanda Kokesch, Kamloops, BC


“Stephanie so graciously welcomed me to the world of reflexology! How have I never tried this before, especially with Stephanie? No idea, but I’m glad my days without reflexology are over!

I have tried many different places for massages and acupuncture before, but nothing compares to how I felt when leaving Stephanie’s session. The relaxing environment she has mindfully set for her clients is second to none! Her hands, expertise, and care are by far THE BEST. I never thought I would ever be able to be in such a state of deep relaxation, and I mean extremely deep relaxation. I was on cloud nine times ten.

My lower back stiffness loosened and I gained mobility too. I would recommend her services 150% to anyone needing to de-stress, relax, reduce anxiety, and feel healed. Make an appointment with her asap! You won’t believe what you have been missing.

Today, I felt the most relaxed I have ever felt during an epic session with Kamloops Reflexology! Wish I could feel like that all day, every day! Thanks soooo much Stephanie Uddin! Friends, book an appointment with her asap and melt your stress and worry away!”
Stacy Peña, Kamloops, BC


“Heartfelt thanks and deep gratitude to Stephanie Uddin for providing me with a profoundly relaxing and energizing introduction to Reflexology! I highly recommend Stephanie’s services and encourage everyone to experience the benefits of a calm and clear mind. Stephanie is warm and caring, thorough and deeply empathic. I believe everyone can benefit from her care.”
Michael Koehn, Kamloops, BC


“I found Stephanie to be a very warm and sincere person who is truly interested in her craft. She made sure that I was given her full attention and the best of care each time I received a reflexology treatment.   I found myself more relaxed and able to release tension in my muscles that in turn helped to relief my neck discomfort.   I was very impressed that Stephanie was not prepared to just complete her present course and set up shop, but has already made steps to increase her knowledge base by joining an International Group of reflexologists which will provide an excellent network for learning new techniques from around the world, as well as many opportunities for further formal education in her chosen field. Thank you Stephanie!”
Lilian Dumbar, Kamloops, BC


“I have a degenerative nerve disease in my feet and legs.  This disease is not curable although I am constantly looking for ways to improve my mobility. After 3 or 4 sessions with Stephanie, I did notice a slight change in the movement of my little toes, however the biggest benefit to me was the sense of wellbeing that the Reflexology treatments provided me.  It is a definite mood altering experience. Peaceful and relaxing, both of which stayed with me for the entire day!”
Heather Barichello, Kamloops, BC


“I cannot recommend Stephanie Uddin highly enough! Her relaxing professional manner and her soothing environment make her treatments the “Total Experience”. The results on my body have been wonderful and prolonged. I shall be making Reflexology appointments part of my regular self-care regime! With much gratitude!”
Val Theroux (Reiki Master, Retired RN, RCC.), Kamloops, BC


“I consider myself so fortunate to have met Stephanie and been included in her case study for reflexology.  Her treatment space is relaxing, well thought out and a pleasure to be in.  The treatments are very professionally and knowledgeably done and left me feeling totally relaxed and my overall sense of well-being improved as did the circulation in both my feet over the course of the reflexology treatments.  I would certainly recommend Stephanie as a reflexologist and look forward to being a client of hers myself.”
Joan Parker-Riddle, Kamloops, BC


“After the first session with Stephanie, I felt better.  Each week I noticed differences: from sleeping better, my emotions were more stable, and my arthritis had improved.  I had an overall feeling of wellness throughout my whole body.”
Lois Monteith, Kamloops, BC


“Stephanie was very good at sharing her knowledge of Foot Reflexology and her understanding of the human body. Her explanations were always expressed clearly. She provided a lovely and relaxing atmosphere. The benefits that I experienced from Stephanie’s Reflexology treatments were mainly a reduction of pain and tension from Fibromyalgia symptoms of discomfort and chronic pain. I also experienced a deep state of relaxation from each and every session.”
Eve Johnson, Kamloops, BC


“I joined the reflexology study with an open mind and hopeful attitude.  I found it to be a wonderful experience.  Some amazing things happened for me.  My vertigo was much better controlled – almost gone.  The problem on my side all but disappeared and I just felt better – more grounded and energetic.  I looked forward to every session and wish they weren’t over. Stephanie has a wonderful personality for this and when she starts her practice I will be making appointments for treatment.”
Mary Jane Hinkes, Kamloops, BC