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History of Reflexology


Reflexology dates back thousands of years. The oldest known documentation dates back to the early 6th Dynasty, about 2330BC and was discovered in the Egyptian tomb of Ankhmahor in the Physician’s tomb.

Throughout the world, reflexology has been practiced in Countries such as: China, Japan, India and extending into Europe as well as throughout North America by various Native American Tribes.

Eunice Ingham is the pioneer of modern reflexology. She authored two well-known books “Stories the Feet Can Tell” and “Stories the Feet Have Told”.

In addition to her writing and lecturing, along with her nephew, Dwight Byers, she founded the International Institute of Reflexology. With over forty years of experience treating thousands of people, Eunice Ingham created a system of techniques which enable the reflexologist to work the reflexes in the most effective way. This system is known as the “Original Ingham Method”. Eunice Ingham died in 1974, having devoted forty years of her life to reflexology. Today, her legacy continues and she would be proud to see how reflexology has been developed into a profession.

“If you’re feeling out of kilter, don’t know what or where, find the sore spot and work it out.” – Eunice D. Ingram, founder of Modern Reflexology.